BGP opens a seismic processing and interpretation centre in Nairobi, the first in Eastern Africa.

In 2007, during the “Trade and Finance conference” Mr. Mwendia Nyaga, CEO Oil and Energy Services Ltd., made a presentation about “Positioning Kenya as a service hub for Africa’s E & P sector” and one of his key dream and vision was to have a seismic data processing and interpretation center in East Africa, as quoted in one of the slides presentation.

“Seismic processing capability in Africa is severely limited yet requirements exist. It is achievable through tech know-how, computer software, hardware and qualified personnel.”

Seven years later, Mr. Mwendia’s dream became a reality.

In 2014, the Nairobi Processing and Interpretation Center by BGP was put up at Grevillea Grove, 3rd Floor of Kalamu House, Westlands,Nairobi, KENYA. This is the first in-house processing and interpretation center in Eastern Africa, providing a series of techniques for seismic data processing and interpretation applicable to different geological conditions including mountainous areas, deserts, loess, tableland and oceans.

To target the new and emerging complex oil plays in the region, the Nairobi processing and interpretation center has heavily invested in the latest models of hardware and software with an annual processing capacity of: 2D 50,000km and 3D 6,000 Km2. The advanced parallel computers (PC) Clusters, well equipped work stations, with Dual CPUs are installed with GeoEast software, a large-scale integrated seismic data processing and interpretation system developed by BGP R&D Center.

Some of the major oil and gas companies that the center has successfully completed processing and interpretation projects for include; CAMAC, AFREN, CNOOC, Beach Energy Ltd. among others exploring in the East African Basins.

Adhering to the local content requirements, the center has employed local staff, offering training and developing their skills in the different seismic data processing and interpretation techniques.

BGP is an international company that offers a full range of services that add great value in the geophysical cycle. These services include Seismic and non-seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, reservoir monitoring, Equipment development and IT development.

The processing and interpretation (P&I) branch of BGP has 16 data (P&I) centers around the world, which include locations in North and South America, Asia, and Africa with a total of 690 data processing analysts and 760 geological researchers from China and abroad, who have strong educational backgrounds and broad experience. These experts provide professional and technical support for the Nairobi processing and interpretation center.

“The future for oil and gas exploration in East Africa is very bright and the ever increasing need for high resolution seismic data processing and interpretation is key to successful target drilling. The Nairobi processing and interpretation center is committed to offering the best service to our clients and enhance the local content agenda.” says Mr. Zhao Xia, the General Manager of the Nairobi processing and interpretation center.

Acronyms: BGP - Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting; R&D Center – Research & Development Center; P&I Center – Processing & Interpretation Center

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