OES Local Content Convention

In the last decade, the East African Region has emerged as a major destination for Oil and Gas exploration. The discovery of oil in Uganda in 2006 seems to have opened the way for Eastern Africa’s hydrocarbon success; subsequent discoveries in Mozambique, Tanzania and Kenya have increased global interest in the Eastern Africa region.

The imminent growth of the oil and gas industry in this region will no doubt have a significant economic impact. So far plans from national governments note that direct revenues will fund infrastructural development that will open up previously closed regions and lead to a mushrooming of support services which, if well harnessed, will create great economic benefits to the people of the Eastern Africa Region.

Oil and Energy Services Ltd strongly believes that significant value can be extracted from the oil and gas industry in the region through participation of the Eastern Africa people. Beyond the direct payments to governments from sale of crude oil and natural gas, participation of the local private sector in the development of the oil and gas resources will open up numerous opportunities to provide goods and services as well as employment. For this to happen, an enabling environment has to be created and OES believes that this can only be created through interaction and dialogue among the numerous stakeholders including government, oil and gas companies, international oilfield service companies, local private sector, financial institutions, among others.


The OES LCC is an annual event held in the Eastern Africa region with a goal to stimulate and create action within the local private sector that will enhance engagement with the oil and gas industry.

More specific event objectives are to:

  • Provide a platform for engagement between the local private sector and international oil & gas sector participants
  • Provide the opportunity for local service companies to exhibit their capabilities and meet larger oilfield service as well as oil & gas companies from other countries
  • Strengthen conversations around local content between oil & gas companies, service companies and Government


Local industry participants including local service companies providing direct and indirect services to oil companies. These will include, but not limited to bankers, insurance, manufacturers, logistics, medical, waste disposal, clearing & forwarding, and any other businesses interested in engaging with the upstream oil & gas industry.

Regional and international industry participants include international oil companies, oilfield service companies, and investors in the industry with an interest in entering the African market.

A number of regional and local leaders will be present to give a view of the regional expectations from a public sector perspective and in acknowledgment of their role in the industry.

For more information on this event, visit oeslcc.com.