OES offers a comprehensive and in depth research product for our clients in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Energy. The research products are offered to subscribers on a monthly. quartely or annual basis. Our industry information covers countries across the Eastern African region and covers the following areas:

  • Market Advisory
    • This covers the state of the Oil and Gas industry market in the Eastern African region with focus on key players
  • Industry Activities
    • This constitutes continuous updates on major activities such as
      • Drilling
      • Acquisition of the seismic data
      • Other geological & geophysical studies
      • Licensing and relinquishments
      • Legislation and Policy
      • Risk Analysis
      • Regional Market Player updates
      • Economic data
      • Upcoming tendering
      • Information on licensing rounds
      • And other related activities

For the next year, our products will include the following:

  1. Monthly Operations Report

    The monthly operations report is a report created based on the upstream operation activities in the industry. The report will involve collection of activities going on in the market and other operational activities.
    Standard features of the reports include:

    • Geophysical and Geological Operations
    • Exploration and Appraisal Drilling
    • Farm in opportunities and agreements
    • Contracts in Discussion and Sign
    • Company Deals
    • Petroleum Legislation
    • Bidding rounds
  2. Quarterly Industry Operations Round Up Reports

    This report will be a quarterly operations report about the industry operations, industry trends and a forecast of activities in the country.
    Standard features of the reports will include:

    • Operational Updates
      • Geological and geophysical activities
      • Wells drilled
      • Farm in discussions and concluded agreements
      • Petroleum legislation and policy
      • Forecast of Activities
  3. Oil and Gas Exploration Activity Maps

    The Research team will develop maps for Kenya with focus on the basins in the country.
    Maps developed may be in categories as follows:

    • Block information maps
    • Well information maps
    • Basin information maps
    • Analytical maps portraying the discoveries
    • Infrastructure maps layered on the block maps
    • Administrative boundaries layered on exploration Blocks
    • County Boundary maps
  4. Company Reports/ Block/Concession Areas Histories in Kenya

    The Company reports is a bi-annually updated report about International Oil Companies operating and working in the upstream oil and gas industry in Kenya, detailing their Production Sharing Contracts’ working interests and their exploration activities.

  5. Industry/Sector

    The Annual Industry/Sector Report will be a flagship report on the country and the upstream oil and gas sector. The report that will be published annually, will cover broad areas of the industry that affect the industry.
    Standard features of the reports will include:

    • Industry Overview
    • Industry Structures
    • Market Conditions
    • Legal and Regulatory Framework
    • Investment Opportunities
    • Main Players in the Industry
    • Useful Contact
    • Sources of Information & Glossary